Freight Forwarders, International Freight Forwarding, Worldwide Freight, Sea Freight forwarders, Air Freight forwarder, Shipping

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Freight Forwarders, International Freight Forwarding, Worldwide Freight, Sea Freight forwarders, Air Freight forwarder, Shipping

Freight Forwarding Services

With Stockwell’s vast attention to detail and the flexibility we hold within the Australian market, we are proudly able to offer a “total logistics” service that has consistently exceeded the expectations of our worldwide clientele.

Regardless of Stockwell International’s global growth, the company and staff remain very much a family business committed to its freight forwarding customers. It is our guiding principle to continually improve our services and our pricing structure, so that you are confident of receiving the best that our company has to offer.

Please see below for an outline of the services our divisions offer.

Air Freight Division:

  • Time and day definite services with door-to-door delivery to any location Australia-wide
  • Medical, mining, refinery and oil gas exploration projects specialization
  • “Real time” reporting to assist with time-critical decisions
  • 24-hour single point of contact provides our clients with unprecedented peace of mind

Ocean Freight Division:

  • Registration of purchase orders
  • Follow-up of overseas agents for availability dates for purchase orders
  • Reporting purchase order status
  • Load request with all relevant information
  • Load confirmation with all relevant information
  • Constant liaison with Client operating staff
  • Express bills of lading
  • Complete in house tracking service
  • On-Line quoting at For further information email

Transport & Storage Division:

  • Individual shipment registration and status on a daily basis
  • Transport allocations three days before official availability
  • Advanced notice and approval for time allocation
  • Inspection of containers and cargo before delivery
  • Full warehousing and storage facilities
  • Pick ‘n’ Pack availability
  • Stock management reporting
  • Shrinkwrap, repalletise, unpack & distribution available
  • Online quoting at For further information email

Customs Division:

  • In-house Customs clearance
  • On-time Customs reporting
  • Electronic Customs entry emailed directly
  • Full tariff consultancy
  • By Law and tariff concession advice
  • Refunds and drawback service
  • Full Aqis Accredited service and advice
  • EXDOC registered to facilitate efficient export for products requiring permits

Buyer Consolidation in China:

  • Shenzhen CFS warehouse – 90,000 square meters
  • Shanghai CFS warehouse – 210,700 square meters including 170,000 square meters of container yard, capacity of storage is 19,000 square meters
  • Fully equipped with dust-free flooring with multi-function rooms
  • CCTV, infrared motion detectors and 24-hour security patrol

Connect Logistics Alliance:

A joint venture between Stockwells and national distribution specialists, Merchant Logistics, has been established in the name of Connect Logistics to fill a gap in the market to capitalise on the move towards virtual trading. Combining all of two services through one account, Connect Logistics offers a complete logistics solution – from overseas pick n pack all the way through to organising and fulfilling single purchase requests in Australia to their customers’ door – Australia Wide.

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