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The very meaning of consumer goods logistics gives reference to these items moving quickly through a supply chain regularly. Covering food and beverage logistics and other items that most individuals use daily, their fulfilment cycles are continuous.

In a bid to save costs – some FMCG supply chain managers opted to ship just in time with only a small backup in local warehouses. While this has worked extremely well over the past 10 years, it has taken a pandemic to shake us all upside down and re-evaluate FMCG supply chain management.

The pandemic highlighted many supply chain flaws and limitations and set us on a path of recovery that we will be in for quite some time.

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Over the last 50 years, Stockwell International have grown to be one of the largest privately and family-owned international freight forwarding specialists in Australia.

In this time, we have expanded our operations to offer services including sea and air freight, customs brokerage, port transport, global warehousing, supply chain consulting, linehaul and project cargo management. Our many years of experience highlights that we are one of the only freight forwarders operating a “true” end to end supply chain solution, including owning and running our own fleet of trucks.

Our mission is to offer our clients exceptional service and world class “end-to-end” logistics which is why we further expanded our reach by opening offices in New Zealand and the United States.

Knowledge and insights at your fingertips. Your customised Track and Trace platform and client dashboard provides you real-time information on your shipment, bookings and orders, invoices, import shipment information and more.

Our FCL Booking Office provides suitable spot rate options for new FCL bookings on top of normal contract options. We can offer instant port-to-port rates and direct booking, reducing booking times down to less than a day.

Case Study: Beverage Logistics

Backlogs in the USA and extremely high, pandemic-induced freight rates meant that getting containers of energy drinks within shelf-life appropriate timeframes was going to be near impossible. Luckily, we know how important it is to be adaptive and that we need to stay ahead of issues and always be prepared for an out of the box solution.

It took swift negotiations with numerous trucking companies and shipping lines before we could truck two containers to one port and a third to another. Shipping lines were not on board with using another line with their box but through consultation and negotiation, the deal was done. 

Whilst one shipment got bumped, the other 2 arrived in time to be able to be put on shelves and sold within time.

The third container did not make it in time. However, if action was not taken, then all three containers certainly would not have made it.

With an increasing element of volatility in the supply chain, we always encourage our customers to hold more of their FMCG stock in local warehouses and shift from the just-in-time mentality to having stock land here 1-2 months prior. 

We’re always keeping up with current events, and emphasise to our FMCG clients that supply chain vulnerability is high and being adaptable to these cycles is crucial. 

We’re always keeping up with current events, and emphasise to our FMCG clients that supply chain vulnerability is high and being adaptable to these cycles is crucial. Extreme weather patterns, the ongoing effects of the pandemic and congestion, ongoing wars, fuel price increases and limited space are just a few elements impacting the supply chain at current.

Heightened awareness and adaptability and forward-planning is essential to cost and schedule control (or a sense of control). Warehouse stock back up and understanding that issues and space rate complications are here to stay in the interim, will mean you are more agile, prepared and can accept what the new landscape represents.

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In-house booking office

Stockwell International FCL Booking Office provides our clients with suitable spot rate options for new FCL bookings on top of normal contract options.

Our team can offer instant port-to-port rates and direct bookings to reduce the time it takes to book a container down to less than a day.

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